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enjoy it, folks. captioned by closed captioning services, inc this is "the five." i'm andrea tantaros. around the table is bob becket, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. the five of us are here to duke it out on some of the hottest items of the day. now as our second show and if you saw what happened yesterday you know that handcuffs were already brought out. we still got them here in case someone gets out of line. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> we have a jam-packed show for your tonight. but first, update on a story we brought you yesterday. house vote could take place this hour on whether to cancel the planned ban on the sale of incandescent lightbulbs. some lawmakers say this government micro managing is
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an assault on personal freedom. we're keeping an eye on that and we will watch that volt and have any new developments for you throughout the hour. now, on to the personal attack by one minnesota lawmaker to another in their home state. there is a lot to talk about when it comes to congressman heath ellison comments about g.o.p. presidential hopeful michele bachmann at recent youth conference. listen to what he is accusing her and other republican "extremists" of. >> i recently hosted a forum in my district called women's right in the era of extremism. this is an era of tremism. these -- extremism. these people that want to shrink government, you can drown in a bathtub also want moms to get back in the kitchen and take her shoes off and get pregnant do you understand? they are offended by strong powerful women. some of them are women themselves. michele bachmann is an example. >> let's react here.
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keith ellison does not have a leg to stand on. let me point out michele bachmann has a masters in taxation law. she is basically has two careers, as an accountant, masters in taxation law, five kids, 23 foster kids. what do you make of this? >> the only extremist rhetoric was keith ellison. here is a guy who is the polar op silt of michele bachmann. she is the tea party caucus chair, he is the progressive chair. look, they're both from minnesota. michele bachmann if anyone isn't the married and prague nant and doesn't con dome or have an opinion of women married and pregnant the kitch season michele bachmann, like you said. a law degree, advanced law degree, started a business, raised 23 foster kids. five kids of her own. >> it's obsud what he is saying. >> started a business. she has to be outraged. i feel bad for her. >> it probably would have been better for ellieson to use other words but if i can say that michele bachmann should
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be careful about what she said. do we have the quote of michele bachmann about the submissive wives? can we run it for a second? this is what michele bachmann said. >> you need to go and get a post doctorate degree in tax law. tax law, i hate taxes. why should i go and do something like that? but the lord says, be submissive, wives be submissive to your husbands. >> now frankly, when you say things like that, i know she was quoting the bible but the fact of the matter is you leave yourself open slightly. >> so you are saying that ellieson said this because she made the comment? >> i said i didn't think ellison was justified in saying what he said. but i'm saying if you get loose to things like that you open it up to these things. >> you said you wish your ex-wife was more submissive. >> no, i haven't. i got in trouble talking about my ex-wife. can we please -- my exmother-in-law called me. that was scary. >> it's kind of rich coming from ellison who is a muslim there are plenty of muslim countries out there if michele
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bachmann was doing what she was doing would be killed. hypocrisy for the guys. the quote he said about wanting to strengthen the government until you can drown in a bathtub, that is colorful language. >> if it's not painting her as miss little houston prairie, right? we have bill maher saying controversial things about michele bachmann. take a listen. >> if you had a choice, a gun to your head, which one is it? >> i would need a gun to my head. i hope sarah palin gets in so they split the milf vote. >> there you go. >> it's disgusting and it would be nice if there were a liberal to stand up and say enough is enough. >> i think the michele bachmann vote that the clip we just played could have been taken out of context. i don't know if it was but i gotten know her a little bit in the last little while, i
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know conservative women, hell, i am a conservative women and i served at the highest level of the government as white house press secretary with other conservative women in the bush administration. the comments are hard to swallow. it would be nice if someone would stand up like the national organization of women. >> i'm not holding my breath. >> here is a liberal who is going to stay that is over the top. i don't know if you know what milf means but it's racy comment. >> what is it, bob? is it insecurity? misogyny? >> no, it's mothers i -- oh, sorry. conservative women there is a double standard. i'll agree with you. liberal woman, if it was said about liberal woman we would have gone whoever's house and burned the house down and hung them up by their cojones. >> thank you for being honest. >> it's true.
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you have to be careful of setting yourself up on these things knowing you'll have a double standard against you. >> that is ridiculous to say women has to be self-muzzling. i think it was taken out of context she puts her pants on like everybody else does, and she got elected like keith ellison did and the fact he can treat her like that. >> imagine for a minute if anyone characterized muslim or islam the way he characterized michele bachmann. >> forget about it. it would be a national scandal. >> up in arms, all over the headlines. the phone would not stop ringing. >> candidate's spouses are off limits. now we have the media going after michele bachmann's spouse. so we have this video provided for us by truth wind, and they went undercover to michele bachmann, her husband's clinic and they tried to do reconnaissance to see if he is
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trying to pray away the gay and counsel homosexuals to try and i guess renounce homosexuality and become straight. this is what the left is doing, trying to take the jobs, economy election and turn it into an issue on gay marriage. >> wait, wait, wait. how many shows have i gone on, on fox in the last year where i have seen the same undercover movie by the puncs trying to catch acorn on a prostitute thing? i don't buy into that. >> i do. >> i elsay this. >> they were catching acorn doing illegal things. this undercover video is just a hit piece, trying to get him to say something. >> acorn couldn't organize a -- [ inaudible ] let alone do something illegal. my point is i think when i was running campaigns i said the spouse was off-limits and for two reasons. one, the right thing to do. second, it's dangerous to get into that because it comes back to bite you. anybody who decides to bring a spouse up on illegal activity
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is doing a stupid campaign thing. >> you have to make an exception here. the business he is in, is interesting. when people hear about an organization that ungays people, ungays gay you want to know about it, because as a guy who knows a lot of gay people i can't ungay them. the way they can't unstraight me. i'm curious about people who have had tried to unstraighten me, usually at bars downtown, it never works. i want to know this stuff. it's more curious than what other spouses are doing. >> whoopi goldberg was curious yesterday on "the view." she had harsh comments for michele bachmann for signing a pledge that had to do with slavery. take a listen. >> pledge will be. >> i'm supposed to automatically assume there is something racial but damn it, i am sick of this [bleep] would you people get your act together. you don't know anything about how slaves raise their kids or why people work together. just don't add stuff like that if you don't know what you're talking about.
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>> now the pledge that she signed, i will say this. the pledge that she signed actually does somehow try to conflate slavery with single parenthood. i don't think we should be trying to glorify slavery and compare it to anything in society. >> let me associate completely with whoopi here. do we have the quote that michele bachmann gave about slavery? miss historical, accurate -- we don't have it? this is the same woman that said the revolutionary war started in new hampshire, not in concord, massachusetts. this woman said you know what? back in slavery times the slave kids could be raised by two family, mother and father. wait a second, wait a second. then she says now black kids are raised by single -- how does she know that? mother and fathers were sold separately. >> this was something that someone else. >> let me ask v the quote. can i give you the quote? >> you have to be aware of
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what you're signing and it matters and it can come back and should come back. >> great final point. next on "the five," the fast and furious fall-out continues as the family of a murdered border agent is threatening to sue the a.t.f. and the justice department. later, did a recent lunch hurt baracmichelle obama's campaign r childhood obesity? we want your feedback. e-mail us at as "the five" rolls along.
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we're back on "the five" with a story that seems to be growing by the day. operation fast and furious. it was a botched plan by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, fire arms and explosives that put thousands of high-powered
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firearms in the hands of mexican drug cartels. one of those guns may have killed border agent brian terry. another was found at the murder scene of murder agent jamie zapata. congressman darrell issa wants answers. >> we have been told by the president and the attorney general they not only didn't authorize it, but in the case of the attorney general, he claims he didn't know it until long after. so we have an oddity that the attorney general knew or should have known long before he says he did. >> who knew about the failed program and why was it allowed to proceed? the families of the burdened border agents deserve answers and "the five" wants answers to. so bob becket, attorney general says he wasn't aware of fast and furious but the story unfolds and it looks like he may be hiding something. if he is hiding something that comes out, should he resign? >> i was accused yesterday of a viewer of jumping all over you and i want everybody to
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know i love you. >> i love you, bob. >> i love you have you no decency? that quote at the end, if he lied, should he resign? are you kidding me? there is no evidence and the only evidence you have is from darrell issa who by the way, had his car dealership under investigation. [ overtalk ] >> did you hear issa say either the attorney general is hiding something or he should have known? >> this story unfolds and as you peel back the layer of the onions it stinks more and more. if i was the white house and justice department i'd ask for a full investigation, one that is expedited quickly. i don't see this as partisan issue. this is an american issue. people need to find out what is the government doing, what are they funding. >> because you had a bush program similar to it in the bush administration. >> here is the weird thing about it. the administration is one that accused middle america of clinging to the religion and their guns. there is a fundamental
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distaste toward middle american, lawmaker gun owners. yet somehow. >> they managed to be okay to get guns to cartel criminals. that is what you call hypocrisy. >> i know you don't follow politics. you don't follow politics but it wasn't the administration that said it. the candidate for president who said it. >> who is now president of the united states. >> and he is clinging to holder the way. >> hang on, hang on. get your facts straight. >> as greg points out now there is a push for higher levels of gun registration, right now, coming out today. by the way, if you want to buy more than one high-powered gun, you have to report it. the nra says hold on, this is just to divert attention from the fast and furious cappeddal. >> this is a complete distraction. this is a complicated issue so any p.r. professional could come in and say we have to create a total distraction and go after the legal gun owners when the same administration didn't put any scrutiny on the drug traffickers an illegal
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guns. >> let's trust the national rifle association who wants everyone to have a bazooka and tank at their house. i'm not going to trust the national rifle association. they should report every gun sold. >> why are they doing it along mexico or along the borders? >> i can't answer that. >> they were saying the a.t.f. didn't know anything about it. >> trying to follow the guns is a big part of the drug cartel thing. they tried programs. >> that is the problem, they didn't track them. they gave them to them. didn't work. >> gave 2,500 and. >> it didn't work. the american people deserve to know that. >> i agree. >> then this is not unreasonable to ask the gun shoppe to report the ridiculous weapons of mass destruction that the national rifle association loves so much. >> the n.r.a. for you are symbolic of people who own
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guns. that is what it is. it's just people who belong to an organization who own guns. the security is not the issue. >> it's the not the gunowners of the national rifle association, it's the thugs that run it. >> maybe nancy pelosi and harry reid can answer why $10 million of taxpayer money in the stimulus bill? america, you paid for this. >> the overseer of. >> maybe somebody got jobs out of it. >> druglords. are you thrilled about that? >> no, not really. >> created or saved a bunch of drug traffickers' jobs. bravo. >> we agree that this did not work but we have to find a way to track the guns. >> forget that for a second. if holder did know and now he is saying he didn't know under sworn testimony to isa he has got to step down. >> you're taking darrell issa's word on this? >> no -- >> you're saying that issa is wrong because he was crooked selling used cars? isn't that how you sell used
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cars? >> i don't know. darrell issa was the chairman of the committee. i don't know. the used car committee, i should say. >> i think that we should go back, step back. we had a huge problem on our border. a lot more to do to work together to get it done. i think america deserves answers as to what happened with the program. how much did we pay for it. if it failed. you know who else deserves answers? frankly, the mexican government. >> by the way, they want to see, the n.r.a. wants to sue if the d.o.j. goes ahead and increases. >> who wants to sue? >> the mexican government wants to sue. they want to foe who gave the druglords the 2,500 guns? >> the family. >> the family of brian terry is suing the department justice likely to be named the department of justice for information. >> this is the suit against the program as opposed to the suit against the gun -- >> [over talk ] >> wouldn't it go away if we legalize drugs? we wouldn't have this conversation, right?
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is that another segment? >> you and i are the only two votes for that in 50 square miles from here. >> are you holding? >> i'm not. >> before we go, does the investigation have to come from the d.o.j.? >> well, probably. i mean you can have the inspector general do it and the white house counsel do something. if i were president obama i'd want answers now. >> i agree. you're always so reasonable, dana. >> i to leave it there. coming up on the five, don't worry about the s.a.t. scores. tweeting now can get you in college. we'll explain. democrats stooping to levels never seen before. waiting for ah-ha moment? how low will they go? you are looking live at the house floor where vote on the government lightbulb ban we told you about yesterday is about to take place. we will bring you the final vote when it happens. stay with us. "the five" continues right after this.   ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
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welcome back to "the five." so back in the day, i actually had to write an essay and give a speech to get a scholarship to go to college. today, schools are offering scholarships in the form of a tweet. yes, you and your children can now be awarded up to $37,000 a year for 140 characters or less. and not surprisingly, a student quoted in "usa today" said it was such a relief not to be burdened by an 800-word essay. i'm no fuddy duddy despite what greg or bob may say about me but i tweet and try to get it down to 140 characters. but i don't for a second think being a masterful tweeter would replace merit of the written word. also as a small business owner i can guarantee you i wouldn't hire anyone who couldn't write a full paragraph, let alone interviewing them. but eric, you disagree and think this is a good idea. >> i think it's fantastic. i love twitter, facebook, social media. fine. great. if you do it from 140 characters, i recommend the
5:25 pm
intros be 140 characters or less. >> i do, too. >> so does everyone else. >> can you imagine beating out 20 or 30,000 other people getting only 140 characters? how creative do you have to be? >> getting a $37,000 a year scholarship because you wrote a tweet? bob, you hire people, too. you wouldn't hire somebody that can just tweet. >> i don't know what tweet is. >> you asked me what a blog was earlier. >> i said i was technically italy rate. i said that. give me a break. i think this is the most ridiculous thing i heard of except i think eric's opening should be 145 tweets. >> 140 characters. >> the idea that you get 37,000 to someone make -- look, i teach graduate school believe it or not. i went to school on a football quarterback. i learned nothing going on and nothing when i got out. it graduated 2.01 in football scholarship and the teacher
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gave me a passing grade. having said that, i agree with my kids in graduate school. they are 25-year-old and they can't write. it sounds like ten tweets stuck together. >> i want to hear more about the french teacher you had an affair with. i need to hear more. i think this is, i don't know. this is silly. give scholarships and go in reverse. give scholarships to people who know how to do cur analysisive writing -- cursive writing. >> do you know schools don't teach cursive writing anymore. my mom does not let me go to sleep on my birthday until i had a handwritten thank you notes to everyone who had given me a present. >> this was your last birthday. >> i do it to this day. i'm a big hand note writer. i had a woman say to me, i had a job interview, i followed up and said how did it go? did you follow up? i sent an e-mail. not good enough. everybody should be sending handwritten notes. >> i agree. handwrite notes. the kids that just write short e-mails with the spelling
5:27 pm
errorring. >> now that we know how to communicate -- >> i will go to their house. i believe in going there personally and burn the message in their front lawn. that's how much i care. >> you didn't let me finish my point. kids are not learning how to communicate at all. maybe it's fastester, but it's not better. dumbing down of students. l.o.l. the crazy terms. they don't know how to complete a paragraph. >> they can't figure out what they're talking about. great they are not communicating. i don't want to hear from them. >> ridiculous. it's instant message. >> you're aging yourself. >> my son is a good golfer and he sits there and goes back and forth with his girlfriend on the thing. while we're trying to play golf. >> it could be when they get to the age of when they're going to be creating jobs they won't need the written word anymore.
5:28 pm
we are hiring them. i want people who can write. the schools are a gimmick. to get on the front page of the paper, which they did and now we have given them a ton more press. >> k.f.c. is offering a scholarship if you tweet. >> i thought if you eat a couple of buckets. >> you would win. >> do you understand how good, how these kids can now multitask? my son can tweet, he can play a video game, he can kind of watch tv and kind of listen to me a little bit, too. man that is really, really talented. >> i'm feeling really old here. i'm feeling really old all this stuff talking about the young people and their techno savvy. i feel like i aged ten years. i read your tweets and they depress me. you're always traveling, off some place exotic and i'm home in my bedroom. >> it's not exotic. >> you are touching the runway and taking off. >> do you know she was in the sudan and nigeria? >> yes. >> have you been in those
5:29 pm
places? >> it's exciting. i don't have an exciting life. you have an exciting life. >> i very much enjoy twitter. thank you all of my followers. i'm near 50,000. >> but you won't give yourself in trouble. >> of course i won't. >> i can't tweet. >> you don't tweet. >> absolutely not. >> couple of glasses of wine, next thing you know i wake up and i go what did i do? not with a person but with my laptop. >> can you promise us on this show, at this moment, this hour, you won't tweet in your underwear? >> i can't promise that. >> you know what i did, though? i was putting the twitter box for a while? i had to stay off twitter for a while. >> why? >> i can't tell you about it. >> who put you in the twitter. >> bad enough that kids can't communicate and now employers before they come to the interview they check out their facebook pages and twitter pages. >> people should not be talking about the companies or anything on twitter. >> no. >> can i get back to this? what dough do you mean?
5:30 pm
someone put you in a penalty box? what did they do? >> the segment is over already? >> no, no, no. what does that mean? >> i'll explain later. >> tell you what, let me try to wrap it up. in four years, when the college graduates are finally on their way, twitter, probably won't exist anymore and they will have gone to college on a scholarship. >> of course it will. >> maybe it will exist. >> they'll major in twitter. >> follow eric and me. coming up on "the five," could embarrassing videos of presidential candidates and gotcha moment sink their white house hopes? we talk about it. later, the first lady shakes things up after a visit to a d.c. restaurant. find out why some are saying mrs. obama got herself in a bickel. first, development in a story we brought you yesterday. i love this story. volt on the government lightbulb ban could take place at any moment. we'll bring you the time vote when it happens. "the five" continues right after this.
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i'm bret baier in washington. fox news alert. the big story, again, the debt ceiling negotiations. i'll speak to house speaker john boehner live in studio. he is just getting out of the the white house meeting in the debt ceiling in less than 30 minutes on "special report" i'll ask the speaker about the latest meeting, if any progress was made and about a new last-ditch proposal from the top republican. and the president's comments earlier today. the president said in an interview he could not guarantee that social security checks or veterans benefits will be sent august 3, if a debt limit extension is not authorized. also today, the white house is condemning the as is nation of the half brother of afghanistan's president. karzai was shot to death in his home in kandahar and was considered the most powerful political figure in southern afghanistan. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern with the exclusive interview. now back to "the five."
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♪ ♪ welcome back to "the five." republican presidential candidates are shocked, shocked mind you, that the democratic authors are filming their campaign events looking for political gaffes. welcome to the big leagues, boys and girls. the practice of filming political opponents hanz been going on for three decades. why? because a film can catch the candidate saying things that might embarrass their campaign or end them. presidential candidate better get used to this tactic because everything they republicans say will be filmed by the democrats. by the way, republicans use the same tactic. think about the poor democratic operative that has to spend the day filming mitt romney or tim pawlenty. talk about torture? are the candidates so nighyev they find it shocking?
5:36 pm
the one that read the opening -- that was you? welcome to the real world yourself, sir. >> how low can you go? you are following candidates around waiting for them to pick their nose or drop something or come out with the zipper open in the men's room. there is only one job that is lower than that, you mentioned it yesterday, the media matters watching the props all afternoon. >> we're creating an army. not amongst the politician but everybody is fellming everybody thanks to camera phones wherever you go. you have an incident with paul ryan that ordered a boltal of wine and susan feinberg at another table saw he was drinking expensive wine, took pictures and went to a blog to have them write about how insane it was he was drinking expensive bottle of wine. but the main point, she did it on her birthday. imagine what she did on her honeymoon. what a horrible life you lead. >> can you please fill these
5:37 pm
people who are not involved in the campaign these two that it happens on occasion. >> of course it happens. it happened to a snarl candidate out of virginia. governor allen. >> running for re-election. >> running for re-election. right. now he is running for senate. excuse me. he was followed around by a young guy. he called him a kaka and turned into a huge story. >> take a look at this. >> it's important that we motivate and inspire people for something. go over here where the yellow shirt, mekaka or whatever his name is. >> honestly, honestly. i had a political consultant call me three days later and say do you really think that was a big deal? yeah, that was a big deal! every candidate has to realize. it's not just the candidates. anyone in the public eye. anybody. anybody. >> anybody. bob. you. >> if they followed me around -- no.
5:38 pm
>> imagine if it was the boston pops on the fourth of july. >> the things you were doing 20 years ago, if we had camera phones it would be bob becket 24/7 planting around half naked. >> it's not just people following you around. you're always on camera. one of my favorites it's not just republican candidates. president obama on the campaign trail, the teleprompter failed in a town hall meeting and he is talking about healthcare, he gets lost. it's the most embarrassing video i've seen. everything you go and say -- >> there is a double standard with democrats. >> oh, get out of here. double standard. why? >> every one of my candidates i ever had was filmed by the republicans. >> high-level stalking. money that george soros is funneling to have the republican candidates. >> that's because you're stalked on a regular basis. that is not the point. >> it's not stalking because we're friends, right? >> i'm not being paid for it. >> if you do not film your opponent, you might as well.
5:39 pm
>> let me clarify that. >> dana pointed out, mr. allen, these are people campaigning, speaking. it's not what we're talking about. we're talking about following candidate around in their personal lives. to say something stupid in a restaurant. >> let me point this out why this is costly for allen. when he did that, he was up by 12 points in the polls. he went to lose because campaign bogged down over the issue for a month and lost by 10,000 votes. it matter what is you say in public. that's why you have people filming. you mow what i used to do? what i really wanted to catch, i had a guy and i said if you are in there with a camera make sure they know who you are. i don't want them to think -- once they find out, usually the thugs try to throw them out. i a secret camera in there cap churing them beating up on my photographer. then i run an ad saying they're a bunch of thugs. what is wrong with that? >> you know if you want to resort to the tactics. imagine if we walked around here with a camera -- >> it sounds desperate. >> politics is not bean bag.
5:40 pm
this is a game. >> i know, i worked on plenty of campaign myself, bob. i get it. i'm just saying they have a lot of money they are pumping in the campaign. i feel sorry for mitt romney or michele bachmann, delay be stalked -- they will be stalked. >> there are creepy lines. moving in next to sarah palin is creepy. the politicians should use this in their advantage and stage things like a fake mugging where you break up a mugging. why don't they do that? >> they have done it before. but how old you like the assignment of following mitt romney for months? >> he has great hair. it could learn something about my hair. >> if you are unemployed or underemployed person you probably take the job. >> yeah, but i mean what a painful thought. >> i wouldn't want to do it. but somebody will do it. >> let's not kid ourselves. both sides doth. they have been doing it for a long time. i did it in virtually every campaign i had. once in a while we used them in ads but more importantly, we used -- they were used for
5:41 pm
so you know, if they said one thing, one position in one administration and changed it in another we'd take that. >> there is the famous one where john kerry voted for it before he voted against it. it was a kid on the bush campaign looking through the video and said wait a second. he caught that. that defined the entire campaign and help bush win re-election. >> you're right. >> is this stuff use for blackmail? >> what? >> is any of this used for blackmail? >> hypothetically if could the stuff they find be used against the candidate to get them to drop out? >> no. >> yes. >> you're saying it at public events. let's make it clear. we don't sneak in their bedrooms. first, can you imagine sneaking in mitt romney's bedroom? what you would you like to do that? that would be a great show. >> not yet they're not sneaking in the bedroom. >> we have to get out of here with all due respect. coming um next on "the five," did the first lady bite off
5:42 pm
more than she could chew at a recent visit to a burger joint. oh, yeah. sorry, folks. let's move campaign to end childhood obesity. and if you want to share your thought option any of today's topics, e-mail us at that's url, right? more on "the five" next. 
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welcome back to "the five." first lady michelle obama was just seen ordering a cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake at a joint in d.c. the meal was over 1,500 calories, the equivalent of eating a large raccoon. this is from the national
5:46 pm
antiobesity leader. i can't get worked up over it. i salute the first lady. anything that ticks off vegetarians is fine by me. a few things bug me. first, she went to the shake shack. this is where the cool people go to eat fast food without having to be seen at mcdonald's. so you condemn big macs but you will down a hand spun safe. it's the same thing. more important, i get child obesity, but it's not an epidemic as the first lady calls it. epidemic used to mean infectious diseases now it means from halitosis to hurt feelings. i both. the way i see it, fat kids aren't fat kids forever. ask any model or actor what their childhood was like and they always say i was a fat kid. it's true. all fat kids turn into models and actors. also i feel we're unfairly targeting a prized commodity, the chubby kids who are often the funniest, happiest kids around and their fridges are always stocked. i guess i'm less worried about
5:47 pm
chubby kids than violent kids. each week there is new video of a teen mob beating up innocent people. fat kids don't do that. they'd rather be eating. god bless them. >> that was very, very. >> it was beautiful, wasn't it? >> live raccoon? who eats a live raccoon? oh dough do you know it's 1,500 calories? >> you haven't been to my apartment. that's all i eat. all i can afford. >> some of us start off skinny and got chubby. >> that is a bigger problem. >> let me say one thing. these shakes are great, man. i don't know, i've never heard of this joint before but this is great. >> bob, i put scotch in there for you. >> you can't do that, i'm an alcoholic. that is really smart. oh, yeah. let's put scotch in bob's milkshake. good. you wouldn't see me for you have no idea. >> this is better than you get at mcdonald's or greek diner around the corner? >> pretty good. >> do you think it's hypocritical behavior? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> c'mon. >> hypocritical? look, she is out there saying childhood obesity.
5:48 pm
she reinvented the food pyramid and then he goes to order 1700-calorie meal. what is the difference, bob? an athlete going on tv, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer? the kids are still watching. >> she is not suggesting that anybody starve themselves. she is also, she is a proponent of being healthy. indulging once in a while. so he indulged once in a while. it's not a big deal. jumping all over her is wrong. >> good for you. childhood obesity is a an epidemic. you are a walking epidemic. but childhood obesity today will cost the country hundreds of billions in the future. >> assuming they are always going to be fat. but they aren't. >> let the parents deal with this. obama quit smoking because he got a government subsidy? no. i'm not going to eat this right now because michelle obama told me not to. i'm not going to eat this because they sat me in a chair where you can see every. >> vanity is everything. the fact is this woman has
5:49 pm
done a remarkable joint pointing it out she deserves credit. if she wants to pig out at a joint one day, so what. >> this is always a safe issue because somebody but me comes out -- i'm coming out for childhood obesity. the only one on the planet. the safest issue ever. i think it's exaggerated, completely exaggerated. >> it's not exaggerated. the percentage of kids obese today are so much higher than when you were a kid. >> is that what we are debating? childhood obesity or mrs. obama saying eat healthier and low calorie diets and goes over 1700-calories? >> we're demonizing a great industry. the fast food industry does more to feed people than any government. if m's was in charge of ending starvation in africa, it would have been done for a year. >> she's a huge proopponent of exercise so maybe she had a big work-out yesterday. >> could someone get george bush's press secretary here? >> this is a question of
5:50 pm
priorities. i don't understand why you have such a food fetish, bob? salad in schools. >> i love food, number one. number two, it's not ubiqu -- liberals go out in morning and run in the euro trash outfits. they are all riding the bicycles or running. i just want to take my doughnut and take my car and run right over them. can't stand people running around and ride the bikes, what a bunch of punks. >> i love your tone against the liberals. i love this. he is threatening to kill liberals. >> exercising makes him mad. >> i exercise all the time, most of the time. >> never in a row. >> i still get back to this thing this woman deserves enormous credit for bringing this issue to the table, as well as healthy eating. by the way, eric, i don't think you should have take than shot at dana. she is showing herself to be a reasonable, sane person unlike yourself.
5:51 pm
but i wasn't supposed to say anything because i love you. >> fine. you have want to get the population healthier, kids healthier? fantastic. but don't do that and all of a sud gone and. >> you open yourself up for criticism. you open yourself up for the double standard. >> since when is fast food any less caloric than fine dining? the same food you get there is easily as caloric and fattening and nobody goes after it. >> i am spending so much more money now to eat more healthy. >> yeah. >> that is a problem. it's too expensive. >> very expensive. it's discriminating against poor people. >> the only thing that should be free range is conservatives. >> nicely done. we'll end on that. coming up, matt lauer's explosive exchange over the debt ceiling. one of the top stories you're talking about on fox nation when "the five" returns. [ female announcer ] it follows you wherever you go.
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which can be fal, seizur, increased cholesterol, weight gain, dizziness on stnding, drowsiness,impaired judgment, and trouble swallowing. use caution before drivg or operating machinery. for more hel putting distance between you and your depression, ask your doctor about adding seroquel xr. if you can't afford your medication, trazeneca may beble to help. welcome back to "the five." we have been monitoring the top stories on fox nation. this caught our attention. a matt lauer smack down on "the today" show but this time he wasn't doing the smacking. radio talk show host laura ingram was. >> president obama talked about shared sacrifice. where is the shared sacrifice going to come from? >> is the shared sacrifice that he canceled the montana vacation? >> no, he opened up entitlement programs. >> matt, when washington starts sacrificing instead of increasing the salaries of
5:56 pm
individuals within the executive offices of the presidency, when they start sacrificing we can talk about the sacrifices. >> the reason they're talking about raising taxes on 1%, on corporations and the corporate jet only a few hundred million dollars. >> that was a scam and a lie. the fact that the media allowed him to get away with that for five seconds was absurd. >> unbelievable. i found him to get testy with conservative women. he seems uptight when ann coulter is on, gets his panties in a wad. >> panties in a wad? is that what you said? >> how do you know he wears panties? >> i heard the rumor but i don't have any. >> one thing he didn't do, matt, oh, buddy, if you take our side on things you have to be tough with people like laura and ann coulter. you need a shutgown for that interview. >> you need to do your homework if you go up against laura ingram. >> red meat to a tiger. >> she said it wasn' was a lie,t
5:57 pm
wasn't a lie. >> entitlement program, not true. >> i heard in the debt talks the other day they offered a $2 billion reduction in $1 trillion deficit. that is like i don't know if the. >> obama offered, it's -- they were offering deeper cuts. >> but they couldn't bring democrats so what is the point. >> you guys have milliontary and billionaires. >> most of the billionaires are rib lals anyway. >> i to give part two of the smackdown. we have to see part two. laura ingram schools him on his own behavior and gets a little in to the american culture. listen to this. >> you know what filo grain concert series? number one hit? >> i know the song. >> blank you. >> is that how you want to end this, saying, "blank you"? that is how we'll do this? >> that's what i like when matt lauer gets testy. it's part of the shtick and
5:58 pm
she has fun. but laura never takes it personally. that is the key to win your argument. >> that was funny. you got to admit. getting him on every can sert series he had, every obscene comment they made. >> what i really want to say to you, i'll say silo green. >> say what? >> somebody has to explain to bob what the title of the song is. >> explain it to him after the break. earlier today, president obama awarded the medal of honor to the second living soldier to receive it for service in afghanistan. leroy petrie lost his right hand when he threw a live grenade away from the soldiers in a raid against the taliban. that, my friends, is a real man. forget matt lauer. we salute him. >> thank you for your service. >> you know what i see about that, for so long they refuse to give the medal of honor to living soldiers. it was done pos posthumously. the fact they've done two of
5:59 pm
these is terrific. there should be more. it's a good idea to see it around somebody who is alive and can move around and talk about it. more power to them. it's great. bush did this, right? >> the first one. to a living soldier. the other thing this soldier did is he actually gave the honor to all the other soldiers who served with him and serving in iraq. as you said earlier, i been in africa recently. we have soldiers all over the world doing remarkable things. they are not always in combat but they help make the world a better place. >> these guys just make me feel small. >> you are kind of small. >> i am small. that's true. >> we can end "the five" in agreement. >> i am very small. >> that is one of the nicest things that happened today. that is it for us. now "the five." and thanks for watching "the five." don't forget we want the hear from you. e-mail us "special report" is up next. bret baier has an exclusive interview with

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